Pastor Mike Chat July 02 2020

Today, Thursday July 2 – God makes Himself known to Moses by the name Jehovah in Exodus 6:3. Why now, why here? The people of Israel have grown into a great nation while in Egypt over the past 400 years. They were greater and stronger than the Egyptians but Exodus 1 tells us that Pharaoh dealt deceitfully with them to make them think they were weaker and put them into slavery to build his great monuments and cities. The people of Israel cry out in their pain and bondage to God and He hears them and sends a deliverer, Moses. The book of Exodus is about the “redemption” of a people in bondage. And this is where God reveals Himself as Jehovah. He is a personal God who will bring hope and salvation to a desperate and hurting people. Today, God wants to be Jehovah to you! Call on Him today to bring salvation and hope into your life! God bless!
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